Company Name : BLEUSKY

Country/region: France


  • Woman


  • Activewear
  • Activewear / Yogawear


  • Entry-level

“Aulala is more than just a swimwear. We build the bridge connecting the young and passionate hearts. We take a leap of faith from the impossibles to the hope, and from the confinement to the freedom.”Aulala is a new brand of swimsuits, with a young and innovative spirit. Startup and niche of young talents, she mixes arts and creation.Our goal at Aulala: to offer swimsuits for everyone. We have thought and developed more than sixty models with varied cuts and adapted to all morphologies.This project was born and raised thanks to the numerous collaborations that it aroused.Aulala surrounds herself with young talents (stylists, designers, graffiti artists) and supports them to offer swimsuits with unique and innovative designs. The remarkable work of our models and photographers allows us to share with you this beautiful adventure.Aulala is authentic and accessible. Every individual has the right to feel good in his swimsuit. Self-confidence is our key to well-being, to assume and express oneself, like an artist through his works. At Aulala, we break the codes of “perfect morphology”.

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