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Country: Brazil


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A beach society, a Lifestyle concept, a mix of two worlds: The “casual Brazilian Bossa” with the sophistication of Europe.
We use the term Beach & Beyond to express the fashion we do, that goes far beyond the beach. Something very versatile, timeless and elegant enough, that allows you to go straight from the sand to the city. We love everything hand crafted and every piece we make has a story and a soul!
Our wish is to live the best summers around the world, from the sunrise to sunset, from the beach to the city.
What moves us, is seeking new paradises around the world, to enjoy summers, to collect sunsets and to cherish the smile of everyone who cross our way.
We want to create the community of people that loves traveling, summers and tropical paradises.
We are a way of living. Be it at the beach or on the mountains, under the sun or cloudy days, we will always find a way to live a BIKINY life!

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