Company Name : ALBER SPA

Country: Italy


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  • Mid-range
  • Entry-level

The recipe is simple: Italian style, class, quality and imagination, loads of imagination and creativity, traits inherent in the italian DNA … easy to sense, difficult to imitate, but also to “rein in”. Just like the legs that wear them, FILIFOLLI is the untiring Protagonist of a thousand adventures, ready to stand out on every occasion.Ah, yes, this time the Imagination, the essential energy of every dream, starts from the legs — or rather from the stockings that make them irresistible and the accessories of new crazy, wild, dreamy, daring … you decide! … and unforgettable moments. Filifolli is a collection of products made with the care that only artisanal workmanship can give. And there is more: fashionable and long lasting tights at such an affordable price … it is crazy, incredible like the inspired women that wear them.

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