Company Name : LAETITIA SRL

Country/region: Italy


  • Woman


  • Accessories
  • Beachwear / Resortwear
  • Bag / basket
  • Beachwear / Resortwear


  • Premium
  • Mid-range
  • Entry-level

Laetitia srl is a company situated in Matelica, province of Macerata in Italy. We are specialized in manual embroidery on beachwear and kaftans.From this experience born Laetitia Beachwear: refinement, originality, femininity, beauty, elegant seduction: these are the basic concepts that combined with a young and innovative style give life to a collection of great personality and strong suggestion. Bikini and summer dresses, long and short kaftans, tops, shorts: outfits perfectly designed and made to be admired in beach but also beautiful everywhere in days and summer evenings. Designed by a young stylist with an international background, it is dedicated to contemporary and cosmopolitan women. Exclusively Made in Italy, it boasts the selection of the best yarns: lycra, silk, cotton, manufacturing accuracy, perfect wearability and it has the added craftsmanship that enhance the garments with details, lace, embroidery, applications, accessories that make them unique and fascinating. It’s a new brand but with a mood full of poetry and charm that will surely amaze and excite you.

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