Company Name : MALASPIGA

Country/region: Italy


  • Woman


  • Swimwear
  • Beachwear / Resortwear
  • Women's swimwear
  • Beachwear / Resortwear


  • Luxury

Portovenere Resortwear
“Effortlessly Chic”

Portovenere Resortwear is dedicated to Mariella Favaretto

Portovenere is an Italian luxury resortwear brand that celebrates the classic elegance of the Italian Riviera, the feminine and sophisticated style of Federico Fellini, the Slim Aaron Jet Set and “la Dolce Vita”.

Portovenere is a family-run company that has been working with some of the most famous swimwear brands in the world for decades.

Nina Morgan-Jones leads the creative vision of Portovenere by designing the garments and selecting the most luxurious materials available in the world – including exquisite silks from the Como lake area. Once designed, the models are translated into actual pieces by the expert hands of Piera Favaretto.

The nature of the brand is easily chic, feminine and has been created to be loved by all women, but not worn by all.

The design of the garments is classic and minimalist, enhancing the figure with avant-garde touches: a provocative chiffon rose on the neck or a generous neckline framing the back.

The Portovenere swimsuits are made with a low-cut back cut for sophisticated women to wear them together with a scarf – an essential accessory to fully experience the famous Italian glamour.

The world is your playground and the Portovenere Resortwear collection is your personal companion.
Our silk pants are perfect during a quick take-off on your private jet or at an exclusive dinner on a boat.
And a lazy afternoon at the pool can be pampered by our luxurious cotton sponges, pool robes and shorts.

Portovenere Resortwear embraces the Italian “La Dolce Vita”: it is a mindset, a celebration of the simple beauty of life.

From the sparkling sea of the Gulf of Poets to a romantic table for two overlooking the village of Portovenere, you can embrace all that life should be.

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