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Founded in 2013 by Filipa Fialho, Sal de Pipa is a Portuguese resort & beachwear brand immersed in wanderlust and full of salty vibes.Sal de Pipa is for the woman with an effortlessly cool style and a summer state of mind. Combining unique prints, bright colours and easy silhouettes, each collection is carefully made in Indonesia – using artisanal techniques – and Portugal – applying innovative digital processes…Travelling plays an special role in the design and production methods.Our garments take inspiration from the exoticism and beauty experienced while visiting Bali. The local craftsmanship, unique colourful prints and laid-back style of the island life matched the desire of creating easy, beautiful and sustainable collections.At the same time, we value our roots and the quality, tradition and perfectionism of the Portuguese textile industry – as well as the beach mood which adds the sal (Portuguese word for salt) to our brand.Our collections are designed and produced in Indonesia and Portugal by local factories and employees – each country adds its own identity to our garments.At Sal de Pipa, we can proudly say our production processes are considered and ethical. Our mission is to deliver beautiful and special clothes while creating a positive change for those who want to live an authentic, sustainable life.Taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes are a constant work in progress, but we do our best to make Sal de Pipa as sustainable as possible. From fabrics and technologies used, to factorie and employment conditions, it has been clear for us that actions must be taken into reduce the our impact and replenish the world’s resources.We believe in supporting local communities, respecting and protecting the environment and doing our best to make the world a better place – one little step at a time.

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