Company Name : SIYU

Country: Spain


  • Woman




  • Luxury
  • Premium

The origin of the brand was an Art Deco graphic design sheet found in the Madrid flea market. Siyu is a prêt-à-porter brand that was born in 2008 from the Bauhaus and the arts and crafts movements. It is based on the crafted design look. It is made for and by women, from Pilar, Aina, and Camino to the rest of the world.
The brand was baptized with a two syllable name that means everything and nothing at the same time; it is sonorous but not strident. It can refer to whatever you want in a personal choice work. Siyu is ageless, and lives in an undetermined space and time. It is a timeless brand like its clientele.
Siyu’s universe is made up by bikinis, scarves, shirts, blouses, trousers, handkerchiefs, mittens and first and foremost, its most recurrent garments in each collection are the dresses. Siyu’s clothes are nice with clean cuttings and a whispering femininity far away from evidence. They are also far from the temporary trends; they create a dialogue with their owner based on trust. Its clothing is comfortable and pragmatic because in Siyu, the true luxury is not in sight. It is an interior luxury that is slowly revealed through its bright interiors, trimmings, linings and other details.
Wool, cotton, silk… at Siyu, the shape is given by the raw materials and fabrics. Ethic precedes aesthetic in an instinctive sense. The circle is closed here. Because the colors are given by that sheet that was the starting point and that it has turned out to be the inexhaustible source of inspiration, and that is always present. The colors are flat, harmonized and contrasting; and they found in the geometrical shapes their form of expression: argyle, plaid… Here each pattern is unique; it may come from an idea that came up at a flea market in India or during a stroll in Paris. The handmade designs give life to the patterns; the shapes are intertwined to form a Kaleidoscope.
There is a clear message in all of this: Siyu wants to please you.

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