Company Name : VOLANS

Country/region: Switzerland


  • Woman


  • Swimwear
  • Women's swimwear
  • Shaping / Control swimwear


  • Premium

VOLANS creates swimwear of the best quality. The exceptional designed pattern ensures the perfect fit and the optimal support. High-quality fabrics with SHAPE features enhance the silhouette and provides the body with a marvellous line. VOLANS represents elegant and classic design, finesse and high class; that is our policy. The distinctive style in combination with a 44-year-long experience as for designing and producing swimwear result in exquisite, classy designs which make the wearer feel beautiful and fine. VOLANS focuses deliberately on the location switzerland and Europe. Every item is created with care by hand on the mannequin in our studio in Zurich. The patterns are individually adapted from size to size and prepared for the production in Croatia. The close co-operation with a small production place complies our demand concerning the high standard of fit and quality. It is of utmost importance to us to manufacture materials which are exclusively produced in the European area.About usMiRA FRoM VolANs has dedicated her life to swimwear. For more than 44 years she has worked for Calida and Lahco Swimwear. Due to Mira’s 44-year-long experience and skills, VOLANS is in the position to accomplish all the steps from the first draft to the production professionally. This is of a rarity nowadays. And there lies the secret why VOLANS is unique; we know exactly where there may be something more and where there may be something less.iVoN FRoM VolANs is the daughter, who always wanted to create swimwear but who has always better at school than at sewing. She has studied economics and has been working as Head of Marketing in the beauty and fashion section for more than 15 years. She is responsible for sales and marketing. together we are VolANs — the flying fish, a constellation in the southern sky!

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