Flashback on Liliana Mann’s conference : Retailing to Millennials

Designer, retailer, buyer, bra-fitter … she’s done it all!
A true enthusiast, Liliana Mann has been working for lingerie and women for over 25 years with a tireless commitment to women’s wellbeing!

There are 2.5 billion Millennials (i.e. 30% of the global population) and in 2 years they will represent 50% of the workforce, which makes them a very attractive target group for retailers.

She has succeeded in understanding their requirements, aspirations and lifestyle, and has tailored her products to suit, as well as the sales strategies applied in her Rêve Rouge store.

Find out all about this new generation, by listening to the conference podcast:

Retailing to Millennials, Liliana Mann, Founder of Rêve Rouge and Linea Intima

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