27 June 2018

Philipe Ribera, Vice-President for Innovation with Lectra, announces the participants for his conference Will industry 4.0 impact the fashion and textile professions?


Chloe Salmon-Gagneur, ESTIA

After managing  a fashion brand for five years, Chloé began helping the young lifestyle and design businesses in the Estia (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées) incubator to grow. Inspired by sharing experiences and collaborative dialogue, Chloé is passionate about making it easier to share skills. In her recently appointed position as events manager for Chaire BALI (The Biarritz Active Lifestyle Industry project), she helps fashion industry professionals with upcoming economic and technological changes.

Fabrice Jonas is the founder of the Modelab magazine which investigates the relationship between fashion and innovation.

Fashion innovation specialist Modelab was founded in 2016. It shines the spotlight on young designers with surprising ideas. The magazine shakes up the codes, questions the trends, and reports on the real social, anthropological, and historical impact of fashion which is often reduced to factual commentary. The magazine is a 100% independent, collaborative, and creative media as well as a hybrid entity with several faces: a quarterly print edition, an editorial site, and a YouTube channel.

Pascal Denizart, General Manager, CETI

Pascal Denizart, who joined the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) in june 2014, has over 30 years of expertise in the textile, apparel industries and retail (covering all the technical processes: spinning, nonwoven, knitting, woven, dyeing, sewing). With his textile engineer background, he has previously worked for the french Institute of textile and apparel (IFTH), where he was the head of marketing and business development, setting up added value corporate solutions and accelerating innovation in the field of advanced textiles. He also entered the AGILE (ORACLE) marketing corporate team, and spent four years with LECTRA in managing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) corporate Business, acquiring strong competences in the digital area. Pascal Denizart is also an Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg, specialist of eco and business design.

Thierry Maillet, Co-Fondateur & COO, OOSHOT

As Managing Director for Ooshot, Thierry focuses on developing major accounts, on international activity, and overseeing investor relationships. This marketing expert coined the now current term consom’acteur and is the author of two books “Génération Participation” and “Une Histoire du Marketing”. He’s also the founder of the Image & Digital think tank, whose mission is to bring visual and digital professionals together and foster communication between them. He holds a PhD in Business History and has served as an Associate Researcher at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Chantal Fouqué – Directrice de la Fabrique

Graduated from HEC, Chantal Fouqué joins the Printemps group and the world of distribution in the department stores at the end of her training. She will stay there for 7 years as a buyer in different fashion sectors.

After a short visit to the mass market in Continent, where she was responsible for all women’s purchases, she decided to set up her own business by creating collections based on what she had learned from her past experiences in styling and especially In purchases.

Then, she joined the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a management teacher at the ECCIP (which became Advancia) in 1991.

In 1994, she decided to resume her studies and joined the Paris Dauphine University for a postgraduate degree in marketing and strategy. After that, she took over the responsibility for pedagogical engineering for the continuing education of Advancia. It is then in Négocia that she teaches and makes especially a lot of pedagogical engineering

In 2006, she stopped teaching to return to Advancia, school of entrepreneurship, to take responsibility for the bachelor’s degree. A few years later, the CCIP  turned to her to lead the merger of bachelors between Negocia and Advancia (what would become Novancia)

Based on this change management experience, she decided to take over the management of La Fabrique at the end of 2012, seduced by the idea of ​​developing a new school and educated by her previous experiences.

This direction of a school of fashion reasoned with her early career, enabling her to quickly master the codes and key factors of this sector. Today, her vision for the school is that of an institution that must position itself both on the conservation of know-how and on the integration of new technologies – La Fabrique: a conservatory, an observatory but also a Lab for fashion!



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