Let’s be inventive by Jos Berry, founder of Concepts Paris

March 24, 2020

The Corona Virus outbreak is in sort the crescendo of build-up unease and loud consumer protest against the lingerie world. A revolution of militant voices claimed their body back. A protest against the mass produced uniformity and superficial objectification. Women’s call for inclusivity has much deeper roots than size, it is a signal of uneasiness with a polluting fashion industry and the widening gap between greed and consumers pre-occupations. The discrepancy of stock piles of low priced stuff against mounting dissatisfaction.

Despite the immense difficulties, we are preparing the new season using Skype and video calls, trying to be inventive, doing more with less. Proactively we aim to preview the difficulties of our clients, most of them big operations, who can’t just do away with their volume based production or distribution. But even they agree on one simple fact: this crisis is an opportunity to regain back our long-lost soul, to do away with heavy marketing and the insidious economy of influencers. We want to work on collections with stronger messages. Purpose related designs for real people, reflecting their hopes, worries, dreams and their need to be included.

The saying is that difficult times are fertile ground for outbursts of fantasy. Once we’ll get our lives back, we will need beauty, in order to live again and not just survive. And when it happens, this industry may have evolved for the good: getting out of the marketing trap and rediscovering its real purpose in beauty, comfort and sensuality. Producing value with purpose and longevity, Wear for Good!

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