7 June 2018

With their colourful prints, daring cuts and vibrant colours, Brazilian brands are sure to get you moving this summer!
Introducing 3 of the market’s iconic brands:


As the unrivalled ambassador of “Beachwear Couture”, the designer offers a sophisticated range of swimwear, accessories and textile collections.
Combining a uniquely chic and glamorous style with flattering cuts and colourful prints is the hallmark of Brazilian swimwear brands.
Lenny Niemeyer was appointed Swimwear Designer of the Year in July by Unique by Mode City and Paris Capitale de la Création. Check out the brand’s new collection at the end of The Selection catwalk show at 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday and 4.00pm on Monday!

Insider info: Lenny Niemeyer designed the uniforms worn by the Brazilian team at the Rio Olympics and has dressed dozens of celebrities!


Refinement, beauty and creativity: three words which perfectly define the designer Larissa Minatto’s eponymous brand.

With flattering cuts and a timeless, elegant style, featuring graphic colour combinations or cut effects, her collections form an effortlessly chic beachwear wardrobe.
Garments also boast exclusive prints, created by the designer!

The range was recently expanded to include an activewear line.
Demonstrating a strong sense of commitment, Larissa Minatto favours luxury fabrics that are environmentally-responsible without compromising on technical performance and ensures that all garments offer anti-UVA and UVB protection.


Launched by three friends in 2005, Triya has conquered the market with its carefree, fun style.

Selecting colours that resonate with holiday memories, forgotten photos, places and ideas … the brand seeks inspiration in its surrounding environment when creating collections.

Digital prints used in bikinis, one-piece suits, clothing and accessories take their cues from aspirations, colours, shapes and plays of light. Fashion is a way of expressing ideas and dreams.

With their unique models and fabric selections, Triya’s goal is to offer customers an ongoing source of new sensations.

This summer, Brazil is taking pride of place at Unique by Mode City! Head over to the Trend & Selection forum to stock up on inspiration and new discoveries in a dedicated area. Watch this space for further info!

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