May 18, 2020: a week after the reopening of Lingerie and Swimwear shops, Eurovet takes stock.

May 18, 2020

After 2 months of closure, and many highs and lows, we find our French retailers motivated and ready to face new challenges. They’ve shared their thoughts and feelings with us, one week after the start of the reopening process in France.


Rêve Ligne in Rennes mastered the art of keeping in touch with their customers using their client database and social media. They maintained strong ties during the confinement period by creating, right from the start, a new e-mail address, [email protected] , to communicate and stay in close touch with their community, including sending an SMS to 2000 of their customers to inform them of the shop’s reopening. There’s absolutely no doubt that their customers want to get back out to the shop! And so, Rêve Ligne has set up everything so that their shop is perfectly equipped in terms of health and safety. And it’s profoundly moving to hear that around ten customers showed up right from the very first day back. Swimsuits (beaches remain closed) are not the star products, on average, but essential purchases are well and truly relaunched. Buying local now makes total sense, after this difficult period.

Many thanks to Elisabeth for her dedication, iron will, and love of this artful profession!

Boutique Rêve Ligne 14 rue du Maréchal Joffre – 35000 Rennes -France




Miss Sea, with shops in Arcachon, Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, and Hossegor, have also opened once again, just a few steps from the beach. Customer care and hospitality have been carefully planned here, but clients remain hesitant, since health and safety constraints are putting a damper on shopping. This region has been preserved from the worst impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, which has caused considerable reticence toward government-mandated protective measures. Three days after reopening, the owner of these shops, which are essentially swimsuit outlets, can confirm that a return to “normality” is not yet the order of the day. Without any tourists, and with the beaches pretty much all closed, clients aren’t thinking about buying a new swimsuit during this first week post-confinement. Jean François Pelous, owner of the 5 Miss Sea boutiques, works ceaselessly to keep things fresh, and will soon offer an e-shop to kick-start shopping once again.

A big Thank You to Jean François Pelous for his frankness, vision, and desire to always take things a step further.

Miss Sea, 475 Avenue du Touring Club, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor – France



Glamour Lingerie has two shops in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. After some much-needed post-closure Spring cleaning, Valérie Schwartz was ready to welcome her customers starting on Monday morning, with joy and gusto. Some customers stopped by, but obligatory health and safety measures were not to everyone’s taste. Required mask usage was not always complied with, but owner Valérie Schwartz made sure that all her clients were safe within her four walls. Three days after reopening, some loyal customers were back…Stay tuned.

Many thanks to Valérie Schwartz for her guts, authenticity, and sincerity.

Glamour Lingerie 34 Avenue Mozart and 140 avenue Victor Hugo 75016 Paris – France




Frisson Lingerie abruptly closed its doors mid-March in Courchevel, and Frisson Lingerie in Saint Tropez opened its doors on Monday, May 11th. What makes Saint Tropez different is that it’s not really “Saint Tropez” without the bars, beaches, nightclubs, and tourists. Therefore, Carine Van der Cruyssen, the owner of these boutiques, is holding tight. Since reopening, very few customers, who, most fortunately, have been big spenders, have stopped by the boutique. Life is far from back to normal, and some shops in the Gulf of Saint Tropez remain closed.

A big Thank You to Carine Van der Cruyssen for her clarity and no-nonsense feedback.

Frisson – 2 Rue Jean Mermoz, 83990 Saint-Tropez – France


D’Autres Songes in Nantes reopened on Monday with unprecedented energy. Alexia is an ultra-positive young woman who truly adores what she does. She took the time to send out a letter (yes, that’s right, no more virtual living after these two months stuck at home) offering her customers a personalized experience when they come back out to shop. She feels lucky because her clients have showed up. Despite drastic health and safety measures, D’Autres Songes is hosting its customers all day long, focusing on scheduled appointment shopping. Sales have restarted, with undergarments leading the way. But the beach at La Baule has now reopened, so some clients are giving in to the temptation of a new swimsuit. So much remains to be done, but Alexia is committed to going all the way!

Many thanks to Alexia for her marvelous energy, desire, and love of her clients!

D’Autres Songes – 19 Rue des Vieilles Douves – 44000 Nantes – France




Eurovet is here to support all our retailers throughout the world, and is available to answer any of your questions or to talk with you at [email protected]

Best of luck to all of those working hard each day to create a more beautiful tomorrow. Hang in there!!


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