Mode City becomes… Unique

07, 08 & 09 July 2018, PARIS

Eurovet presents UNIQUE by Mode City : more than a tradeshow, a new vision of femininity

For 35 years now, Mode City has been the can’tmiss event that launches summer trends. Taking place in the summer, Mode City has always been seen as a swimwear show, even though its selection consists of over 40% lingerie and has been developing, over the past few years, a major zone dedicated to activewear and sport.

Now, Eurovet is repositioning Mode City to present UNIQUE by Mode City, the Show that offers the most comprehensive selection of bodywear products: Swim, Lingerie, and Sport.
UNIQUE By Mode City shares the same vision as its brands and buyers: highlight the beauty of every woman, so that she can feel Unique!

Women At the heart of the project
Femininity has evolved considerably: it is no longer a matter of power, of an exclusive view of women, of formatted seductiveness. The vision of femininity that is at the heart of UNIQUE By Mode City is one of a return to the self: a new type of intimacy that explores “how I love myself”, “how I define myself”…A certain “This is how I am, take it or leave it”.
As the largest event for all the expertise in the lingerie and swimwear industry, UNIQUE By Mode City brings together jey players that value creativity, personality, and emotion. This is a clear alternative to the standardization of bodies and minds, with brands that highlight this type of feminine diversity.

More than a tradeshow, A new, must-see experience!
– A real guide. A point of reference for the market, an agent of change. Its role: draw the market every higher, toward new horizons that await us all.
– A tool for all buyers, a matchmaker, an advisor, and a business facilitator.
– A ultrapersonalized, premium services and exclusive, unprecedented assistance for the visitors.


Launch of the Paris-Moscow Express

With the experience it has acquired since 2014 in Moscow, Eurovet is launching an ambitious program in Paris in July under the label PARIS MOSCOW EXPRESS, designed for Russian buyers and brands interested in these markets.

Whereas the Paris shows are already quite popular with Russian buyers, with their numbers increasing year upon year, the ground-level work done over the past 3 years by Eurovet’s Russian-speaking teams in Russia will allow us to take things a step further in Paris, mobilizing even more market leaders from Russian-speaking lands. And so, exhibitors and visitors interested in this program will benefit from the customized services. More information.

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Designer Labels

Premium designer swimwear collections

Just Fashion

A space 100% dedicated to swimwear trends!

The Essential & Cocooning

Irreplaceable products in the swimwear and lingerie market: summer lingerie and corsetry, swimwear, beachwear and homewear.


The most fashionable accessories from the market!

Super Heroes

Ensuring men are not forgotten: men’s underwear, swimwear and ready-to-wear

Creative Labels

Young lingerie and swimwear designers


A space dedicated to modern women seeking a new version of sensuality which will showcase a hotbed of the latest breakthroughs in women’s sportswear.


An alternative space and curate a bold, avant-garde product selection from both the best known names and those under the radar


The Show Essentials

Unique by Mode City

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